How the Effects of Love and Affection on the Children's Emotional Development?

Hi all my friends. This article will review the effects of love and affection on children's emotional development. Well, maybe this article will help you know a little and solve the problem about this effect on children's emotional development. 

Maybe many of you all are wondering, why does this have something to do with it? Come on, let's look at this article to find out answers to this. Happy reading and understanding this article hopefully can add insight to all of you.

Children really need love and affection in the process of development. Sometimes many parents underestimate this, sometimes some think when children are given a lot of money and meet all their needs, they will be happy. 

But all that is wrong is the child just wants their parents to give a lot of time for them together. The simple happiness that they want is simple, for example by pouring out love and affection for one another.
How the Effects of Love and Affection on the Children's Emotional Development?

What is love?

Then what is love? Why are they so contributing to the child's emotional development process? Well maybe many of us are confused about that meaning or maybe we don't even understand it at all. Love is a feeling or an emotional overflow that grows out of a very strong sense of affection. 

While affection is a feeling or an overflow of emotions arising from a very strong sense of comfort. Love is more of a level of love because if we love, we will automatically love, but if we only love, then we don't necessarily love.

Emotional development definition

Emotional development is a phase where the child will experience self-conformity about the situation they are experiencing which is both mental and physical in the form of behavior that will appear on him. 

When children want to vent their emotions they always show it through facial expressions or changes in their physical. For example, when they are happy that their faces will show by smiling or laughing, another example when they are sad they will show a sad expression and even tears.

Emotional development stages

Emotional development can be influenced by several factors, as follows:
1. Love and affection
2. Happy
3. Anger
4. Fear and anxiety

From several factors that have been reviewed, we can optimize efforts to stabilize children's emotions. Some efforts can be made, as follows:
1. Teach good things, care for one another
2. Train communication and social, such as inviting to interact with other people
3. Understanding the nature of children by giving love
4. Practice discipline
5. Train in terms of controlling emotions

Well, it can be seen above that the factors that can influence children's emotional development are explained by many factors, but love and affection that occupy the first position. 

Children really need the name of love and affection from their parents, because love and affection are very potential and very influential in the development of children. 

They desperately need the presence of their parents to be able to tell their hearts, tell them everything they can do, play and laugh together, besides that parents can devote love and affection and take part in developing a child's problem. 

It is not only emotional development in a child that will be affected and affected but also on other body developments.

In a child, maybe if they lack compassion, then it is likely to be able to inhibit another developmental process that the child will need. Love and affection are not only needed by small children but are needed until we are old. 

Love and affection are not only from parents but if we have started to grow up in adolescence or adulthood, we need love and affection from the opposite sex that we will make our spouse or life partner later. 

That feeling to the opposite sex is very natural if we experience it is not a strange thing do not worry it is something normal and natural. At the age of adolescence or adulthood, we begin to recognize the name of love and the feeling of wanting to have each other from our opposite sex.

The more mature people will understand also in controlling emotions and more able to stabilize it. But sometimes it doesn't, everything doesn't depend on the age of someone who is old but still having difficulty controlling his emotions. Have you ever encountered that? 

Do you understand why this can happen? Well, ever and often even find people who are adults but still can't control their emotions even sometimes their emotions are still unstable like a child.

This happens because childhood is less happy, less love, less love, less socializing, and lack of empathy and interaction with others. And well, back to love and affection, the point is that we all need love and affection from others because we don't live alone and it is difficult to be able to live without others.

So that's the explanation of the influence of love and affection on the child's emotional development. Hopefully this article can help us all and provide useful knowledge and insights. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Author: Rela

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