What is Impact of Wild Hunting?

At this time, we will discuss the issue around liars and what are the considerations if the hunt is still ongoing? Let's see the following article.

What is Impact of Wild Hunting?

Definition of Wild Hunting

Wild hunting is an activity of taking illegal animals and plants regardless of the laws stipulated by the government. 

They do this with the aim of gaining as much personal profit as possible regardless of what will happen if the hunt continues.

In times like this, animal hunting is increasingly widespread everywhere. Every day different animals are hunted, slaughtered and processed into objects or medicines of fantastic value.

 Liar hunting is carried out by persons who do not have certain permits from the government. Animals that are the target of hunting can only be in the designated area. 

Weapons that are used in hunting are also weapons that are ejected, causing animal injury to the point of death. What's worse is the hunt is done in the end, like during the mating season. 

In the mating season, it is stated as a closed season because in this season most animals develop cultures to increase the amount available, so in this closed season, liars are protected by law to improve the lives of protecting liars.

Impact of Wild Hunting

Indonesia is one of the countries in Asia that has the highest natural biodiversity and natural resources in the world. 

If poaching continues, the animal population in Indonesia will continue to decline and extinction will occur. 

So we as Indonesian people must be proud and participate in preserving Indonesia's biodiversity and natural resources in order to maintain their authenticity.

What are the Effects if Poaching Continues?

1. The loss of a number of protected species.
2. Breaking the food chain so that there is an imbalance in the ecosystem.
3. Decreasing animal populations that can lead to extinction.
4. Loss of habitat (habitat) for animals, so they can attack or move in residential areas.

To maintain uniqueness and biodiversity in Indonesia. The role of government and society is very important in this conservation effort because humans are created by God to look after one another.

Prohibition of Illegal Poaching

In the Qur'an, it also explains the importance of preserving animals to maintain the balance of the ecosystem on the face of the earth.

 Humans as earthlings become the main role in efforts to preserve nature. In the Qur'an, Surat Al-Araf, verse 56, Allah SWT said:

"And do not cause damage on the earth, after (Allah SWT) corrects and prays to Him with fear (will not be accepted) and hope (will be granted). Surely the mercy of Allah is very near to those who do good."

The government also regulates and stipulates regulations on the preservation of plant and animal species number 17 of 1999. 

This preservation is carried out because populations tend to be smaller, decreases in numbers are high and the distribution of regions is very limited. 

Until now there have been recorded protected plants and animals in Indonesia, there are 95 types of mammals, 372 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles, 7 species of fish, 14 species of Anthozoa, 14 species of shellfish and 58 species of plants.

Although there are already rules and regulations that have been set by the government regarding illegal hunting, there are still many unscrupulous individuals who deliberately hunt animals illegally, without thinking about the effects that will occur on animals if wild hunting continues.

Thus, the discussion at this time, hopefully, this article can be useful for all of us. We as caliphs on Earth have a great responsibility to preserve the environment. 

So, and see you at the next discussion of my scientific friend.

Author: Muhammad Fajri Alfiyan Nur

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