How to Make Health and Safety Environmental?

Surely you have heard from newspaper news and television news about natural disasters, an event of natural phenomena which lately often happens not only in Indonesia but the whole world must experience it. 

How to Make Health and Safety Environmental?

In the rainy season like today, it is not uncommon to hear several problems in the natural disaster article, one of which is flooding. 

As it is known that flooding can occur because of the high volume of river water so that it overflows to the surface and inundates the area around the population. 

Why did it happen? 

Natural disasters occur because of several factors divided into two, the first factors from nature itself and the second factor from humans. Let's look at the following explanation!

What is Environmental?

This time I will explain how natural disasters are caused by humans. Before that do you know what the environment is? 

The environment is a space, condition or objects that are around us. 

The environment consists of the first two components of the biotic component or components which have life (for example) such as humans, animals, and plants. 

The environmental components are both abiotic components or components that do not have a life (for example), for example, soil, water, air, rock and so on.

It turns out that the environment is divided as well, in the book entitled Introduction to Social Psychology by L. Bernard explains that the environment is divided into 4 parts including the following.

1. Inorganic environment

An environment consisting of objects that do not have life such as land, stone, water, air, and so on.

2. Organic environment

Everything that has lived such as microorganisms, humans, animals, and plants.

3. Social environment

A social environment is a place where humans interact with each other.

4. Composite environment

The composite circle is an institutionally regulated environment in the form of community institutions both in cities and villages.

How to care for and maintain a health and safety environmental?

The environment will not be able to clean itself without the actions and responsibilities of humans to always maintain and care for the environment to stay healthy and clean. 

Then how do we maintain and care for the environment to keep it clean and healthy? 

The following are some steps or ways that can be applied to maintain and care for the environment to keep it clean and healthy.

  • There is self-awareness of the importance of maintaining and caring for the surrounding environment.
  • As Muslims, they must maintain the cleanliness of their birth and mind, this has been explained in the hadith which means: "Cleanliness is a part of faith". (Narrated by Ahmad).
  • Familiarize yourself to throw garbage in its place.
  • Using environmentally friendly items.
  • Creative in recycling an unused item becomes valuable and valuable value.
  • Reducing the use of motorized vehicles by using pollution-free vehicles such as bicycles or on foot.
  • Implement a 4R system, namely, Reduce (reduce), Reuse (reuse), Recycle (recycle), Replace (replace).

Environmental health and safety degree

If the environment is not maintained and cared for properly, it causes the environment to become dirty and cause big problems that could be fatal to human life. 

Then what is the difference between a healthy environment and an unhealthy environment? 

The following is an explanation of how to distinguish between a healthy environment and an unhealthy environment.

A healthy environment is an environment free from environmental pollution.

The characteristics are as follows:
  • Clean air free from pollution.
  • There are inorganic and organic bins in various places.
  • The drainage channel was smooth
  • There are many healthy and neat plants.

An unhealthy environment is a polluted environment. The characteristics are as follows:
  • The air is dirty because of a lot of pollution such as vehicle fumes, cigarettes or burning smoke from the factory.
  • The absence of trash cans in various places is not surprising if the garbage is scattered and causes a strong odor.
  • Sewerage is not smooth because it is blocked by garbage.
  • he plants are not maintained so they are dry and arid.

Environmental health risks

What factors affect the unhealthy environment? 

An unhealthy environment will not occur if we can reduce some of the factors that cause the environment to become unhealthy. 

The following are some of the factors that cause more unhealthy environments to occur in various places.
  • Air pollution caused by motor vehicle fumes, factory smoke, cigarette smoke, odor from garbage and dust, burning fuel. This is what can harm the body because it emits carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Water pollution caused by factory wastes containing hazardous chemicals is discharged into rivers other than factory waste, there is household waste such as used washing water and wastewater from toilets.
  • Soil contamination caused by plastic waste which is difficult to decompose and insect poisons can contaminate the soil.

Why do we have to maintain and care for the environment?

The consequences of environmental pollution cause new problems such as natural disasters that harm humans because humans lose their homes, lack of food because these conditions cause human health to be disrupted and even cause death.

Therefore it is very important to maintain and care for the environment around us so that we remain safe and free from disease. 

From now on, let us cultivate our concern for the surrounding environment.

This explanation of  the environment from me, hopefully, useful

Author: Dyah Ayu Taula

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