How to Overcome Environmental Damage?

Hello my literacy friend, how are you? I hope it's fine. This time we will discuss how to overcome the damage that occurs in the surrounding environment. 

Overcome Environmental Damage

Lots of people around us or maybe we don't care about the environment. Floods, deforested forests, air pollution, and many more scenes that are less pleasant to see. 

It all shows that our environment is damaged. To know the details, let's see the explanation below!

What is environmental damage?

Maybe some of you don't know the meaning of environmental damage. The environment is a combination or combination of everything that exists around humans such as land, water, minerals, solar energy, and flora and fauna that exist on land and in the sea by the way humans use the environment. 

Whereas environmental damage is the declining environment with the loss of clean air, water resources, land, destruction of ecosystems, and the extinction of wild fauna.

What causes the environment can be damaged?

Friend, there are a lot of things that cause our environment to be damaged. Damaged environmental factors are as follows:

Environmental damage by Natural factor. 

The many natural disasters that have recently hit Indonesia have caused damage to our environment. 

Do you remember the tsunami that devoured the city of Aceh, the earthquake that also recently happened in Lombok, floods, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions? These events cause our environment to be damaged.

Environmental damage by humans 

Not only nature but also humans also cause this environment to be damaged, you know! Just look at, for example, illegal logging, habitual waste disposal, pollution caused by industrial estates, illegal mining carried out without thinking of the impact that will occur later, excessive use of natural resources. 

Many people understand and understand that these activities can have adverse effects on themselves and the surrounding environment, but they are indifferent. It's so sad, buddy!

What are the impacts of environmental damage?

Of the many factors that cause our environment to be damaged, of course, it also has a very detrimental effect on humans. 

The following are the impacts caused by environmental damage to land:
  • Many buildings were damaged and exhausted due to the tsunami and floods.
  • Animals become extinct because their habitat is damaged by irresponsible human hands.
  • Disasters such as floods and tsunamis also bring impacts such as the environment into a slum and a nest of diseases.
  • The loss of the lungs of the world due to forest fires which also causes air pollution.
  • The number of rivers that are no longer clean due to contamination by industrial waste.

How to prevent and overcome environmental damage?

From the description above, we already know that there are many impacts given by environmental damage to the surrounding area. 

Then how do you prevent and overcome this? This is the answer!
  • The first way is that we start from ourselves. Familiarize yourself not to litter. From this method, we also unconsciously invite people around us to do the same.
  • Hold socialization about the dangers caused by various disasters.
  • Do not dispose of factory waste carelessly. Maybe there could also be a seminar on how to dispose of and use factory waste.
  • Promote a program of planting a thousand trees.
  • Making swales or terraces to prevent soil erosion and so that the soil is not eroded by water flow.
  • Reforestation, ie replanting forests in areas that have been deforested.
  • Rehabilitating land is a return to critical soil fertility and is no longer productive.

Now, you already know how to deal with environmental damage. If we care for life, let's make this environment good and beautiful for us and our children and grandchildren later! 

Yes, friend, I hope this article is useful and don't forget to take the time to literate every day. Wassalamu'alaikum.

Author: Husniyyah Hasun 

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