Junk Food, Delicious Ones That Are Dangerous

Junk Food 

Definition of Junk Food 

Junk Food is a term for foods that have low nutrition. In fact, junk food is food that does not contain nutrients at all. Most junk food is also dangerous for human health if consumed continuously. 
Junk Food, Delicious Ones That Are Dangerous

But strangely, once we eat junk food we will feel addicted because it tastes good. However, the good one is not necessarily healthy, right? 

Junk Food Characteristics Every day we eat food to increase our energy. However, we do not know whether the food we eat is healthy or includes junk food? 

Here are the characteristics of junk food so that we can choose the right food for our bodies. 1) Some junk food is usually sold on the streets. We can call it street food. Junk food is usually dirty food. Because it is sold on an open road so germs and dirt can enter at any time into our food.

2) Junk food has high salt content. Actually iodine is healthy when consumed at the right dose. However, the average junk food has a salt content that exceeds the healthy dose limit. 

3) Sugar content in junk food is high 4) Processed chemically with basic ingredients derived from chemicals 5) Using excessive chemical flavoring.

Junk Food, Delicious Ones That Are Dangerous

Kinds of Junk Food

In Indonesia, there are a lot of junk food. These foods actually come from foreign countries, over time, the habit spread throughout the world to even reach Indonesia.

Here are the types of foods that include junk food:

1. Soft drinks
Soda certainly contains chemicals as well as artificial sweeteners which, if consumed in the long run, will have adverse effects on our bodies

2. French fries

3. Milkshakes
This drink is made from milk, but the sugar contained in it and the flavoring contained is excessive

4. Pizza
Of course we already know that pizza is made from flour that contains carbohydrates. Then combined with a sauce and flavoring made from chemicals and meat in large quantities.

5. Burger
Carbohydrate-filled bread is combined with meat in large sizes that are fried in lots of oil and added in large quantities of cheese. Is the food healthy?

Junk Food, Delicious Ones That Are Dangerous

The Dangerous of Junk Food

Junk food is food that is harmful to the body. If consumed continuously will have a bad impact on the body. Junk food can cause diabetes because of its high sugar content. We can also be affected by obesity because junk food contains a lot of bad fats that can menumouk in the body. 

Besides obesity, there is also heart disease. Bad fats contained in junk food can also affect brain performance. Based on research, rats fed junk food for a week will weaken their brain performance. In addition, this bad fat will also replace the place of healthy fat in the brain.

Junk Food? Fast food? What Are the Differences Between Them?

Besides junk food, you all have heard the term fast food, right?
Many assume that the two things are the same. However, actually the two foods are different types.

In terms of understanding, fast food is fast food. So, just a fast way of serving but not necessarily the food served is not healthy.

In terms of nutrition, junk food is definitely not nutritious food for the body. But it is different with fast food. Some fast food foods actually contain nutrients that are good for the body. For example like, cut fruit that we usually buy in supermarkets or malls. 

The presentation of the cut fruit goes through a fast process, so it can be categorized as fast food.

How? Do you know junk food well? Do you still want to eat junk food?

Author: Tiara Harindarputri 

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