Stop Divorcement, Protect Children's Psychology!

Hello, welcome friends. This article will discuss the impact of divorce on child psychology. Lately, divorce rates in Indonesia have become increasingly widespread. 

What caused it? Why can it affect children's psychology? Come on, see the article!

Stop Divorcement, Protect Children's Psychology!

Why are divorce rates in Indonesia high?

Divorce rates in Indonesia in 2015 amounted to 394,246 cases and continued to increase to 415,848 in 2017. 

There are several factors that cause divorce, including:
  • The decision to marry at the age of adolescence or above the age of 32 years.
  • The work of a non-permanent husband. This will affect the family economy so it is very likely to divorce.
  • Looking down on your partner is the most fatal mistake in marriage.
  • Tend to be reluctant to solve problems. Husbands and wives should communicate with each other to maintain household harmony. Every problem is solved with a cold head, not with a fight.

Impact on child psychology

Divorce does not only have an impact on couples who decide to divorce. However, if he has children the impact will certainly be felt by his child too. 

The following is the impact felt by children when their parent's divorce:
  • His sense of security decreases
  • Deep sadness
  • Feeling lonely
  • Easy to get angry
  • Continue to feel lost
  • Frequent isolation from others.

The impact they feel also varies depending on the personality of the child, the condition of the surrounding environment and the condition of the divorce of his parents.

Divorce that occurs when a child is less than 5 years old usually causes children to be less close and feel uncomfortable when together with their parents. 

They tend to be difficult to socialize and close themselves because they feel ashamed not to have a whole family like their other friends.

Not only in young children, but the impact of divorce can also be felt by teenagers. Children generally feel anxious and blame themselves to divorce their parents. 

Not a few children also see the arguments between their parents before him so that the child will feel depressed. Usually, children who are anxious will vent it by taking drugs and alcohol.

The impact of divorce on children who have grown up, they tend to be mediators between their parents, which often creates a fight between themselves and their siblings.

When you grow up, your child will also feel scared when choosing a spouse because he is traumatized by what happened to his parents first. 

Based on research conducted by the National Opinion Research Council children whose parents divorced tend to divorce also when married later.

In addition, the child will feel that the house is not a comfortable place, so he will often be outside the home. 

If they are wrong, their association will fall into the undue association. Many children are broken home who play to the night club, get drunk and so on.

Children with broken home academic values are also affected. Usually, in school, they will tend to daydream and rarely concentrate when receiving lessons.

Therefore, it is mandatory for parents who decide to divorce so that they explain what actually happened to the child. Parents must explain to their children that they will not lack love, parents will continue to give affection even though they cannot be together again. 

Make sure parents continue to be involved in the life of the child so that the child does not feel lonely.

That is a description of the impact of divorce on child psychology. Hopefully, this article can be useful. Thank you.

Author: Firda Nurul Izzah

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