How a Parenting Guide of Teenager?

The development of increasingly advanced technology and the wider impact of globalization have made some people easily fall into negative things, such as being caught in drug cases, free association and being caught in murder cases. This often happens, especially among teenagers.

Teenager Age

A person is usually said to be a teenager when he is around the age of 10-14 years when a child is in the same level of junior high school education.

Teenager definition

In this age, a teenager is usually looking for his identity, but usually, the child will feel confused to make a choice because his age is no longer including the age of the children - his age is also not sufficient to enter the phase that is truly mature. 

Therefore, at this age parents need to give more attention to children, in this phase the role of parents is needed to guide children in discovering their identity and potential.

How a Parenting Guide of Teenager?

The following are the factors that cause irregularities among adolescents:

A. External

1. Environmental factors
Bad environmental factors will greatly affect the mindset of a teenager, adolescents who join a group that deviates or criminals will be easily influenced or will have the same mindset with their group mates because his thoughts are still unstable will make a teenager easy to influenced by his thoughts.

2. Family Factors

Children who grow up in a family environment that is not harmonious, have a higher potential for irregularities than children who grow up in a harmonious family environment. This is due to the existence of mental disorders and the lack of attention from parents to children. 

Adequate attention and a harmonious family environment will foster a sense of comfort in children to stay at home. This will minimize the potential for irregularities in children.

3. Pressure Factors

This factor will arise when the child gets a pressure that is obtained from excessive regulation, the child will feel depressed and will try to rebel, so there is a deviation.

B. Internal

1. Adaptive ability

the ability to manage his emotions and thoughts and be responsible for himself. Children will be required to consider what they will do.

2. Ability to expect stress

The ability to get past the stress and everyone will have the ability to withstand different stress levels. Generally, teenagers have very low-stress resistance. 

And when adolescents are unable to go through a stressful period, teenagers will look for something as a diversion or a means to entertain themselves, and usually, those who are looking for tend to be negative.

Parenting Guide to The Teenager

The following are things that parents can do to prevent juvenile delinquency:

1. Build active and effective communication

We as parents must build active communication that is often interacting with children, and able to understand children from the child's perspective. 

So that parents can understand complaints - complaints, challenges and obstacles being faced by children. communication is not enough just to do it with brief communication, parents must have a special time to meet face to face and chat with the child.

2. Build emotional in the family

Not only do joint activities and talk, but parents must also be able to build or present an activity that involves emotional so that the closeness between the child and the parent is established.

Example: playing chess together, playing badminton, swimming with children.

3. Exploring potential/hobbies and facilitating

Parents must know what potential/hobbies children have. After the potential/hobby is known, it would be good for parents to provide facilities for the hobby, because it requires some sacrifice so that the child does not fall into things that are not desired.

Example: children love badminton, parents can put on badminton equipment such as rackets, clothes, and everything.

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