What is Gadget Influence on Children's Social Development?

Hay guys, already waiting for the next article. How did you do it before? Hopefully, all is healthy. Okay, in the discussion of this article I want to discuss the issue of the Influence of Gadgets on Children's Social Development. It must be happy with everything with a cellphone or what we often know about gadgets.

Really, in the development of modern times, we are treated to complete or even luxurious gadget facilities. We do not know whether we have used the gadget as efficiently as possible? 
What is Gadget Influence on Children's Social Development?

Therefore, let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget, the impact of gadgets on children's social development and efforts to overcome the negative things that are needed by the gadget.

Gadget Definition

In this millennial era, the generation of z has been increasingly reliable in using gadgets. Not only parents have these objects. 

Almost everyone has it, even children feel the facilities that are owned by the gadget. A gadget is a tool that has various advantages and special advantages.

Gadgets hold a special role now in the millennial era. The gadget is now not only used to help humans but in this millennial era, gadgets have become a priority for teenagers and parents. 

It turns out that the gadget also affects your child's social development. Want to know? Let's discuss it here.

What is the child's social development?

There are many definitions of children's social development. One of them is the social development of children defined by Djali, which is a process in which progress is progressive through activities directed by the individual on social inheritance and behavior patterns caused by proper suitability between him and the social heritage.

Child social development is influenced by local customs, environment, family, and technology today. 

Basically, a child as a child does not know what social is. This is where the role of parents to develop social attitudes so that children get knowledge about social life around it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gadgets for Children

As we know at this time, the widespread use of gadgets can have an impact on child development, especially social development. 

If we use it wisely, it will get the advantage of the gadget. Whereas if we do not use wisely, it will have a bad impact on the wearer.

Most gadget users are teenagers and children. It is undeniable that in this era teenagers and children are increasingly skilled at playing gadgets. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages? 

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of gadgets in children, including:


  • Gadgets help children in learning as well as writing and reading. Children are motivated to complete their own tasks without having to be ordered.
  • Children prefer learning in the gadget because it is more fun and lots of pictures that can motivate to learn.
  • Can train children's intelligence with the application of education in the gadget.
  • Increase confidence by playing. When children can solve a problem in the game, they will be confident and will try again.


  • Children feel more hopeless.
  • Children do not focus on the material during lessons. They will think of gadgets continuously so they cannot take lessons properly.
  • Children will be hampered by social development.
  • Not an interest in learning so that affects the development of his brain.
  • Be prone to see dangerous things or that are not seen by minors.

What are the Effects of Gadgets on Children's Social Development?

All technology will have an effect, right? Moreover, the gadget that is now loved by many people. Small children also do not escape the attention of gadgets. 

What's the effect of gadgets on children's development? Here are the effects of gadgets on children's social development:
  • Children do not have an empathetic attitude towards people around. They are busy with the gadgets they have. Because according to them playing gadgets is more fun than socializing.
  • Children become less socializing to friends around their environment. Because gadgets make children lazy out so they rarely communicate and play with their peers.
  • Easily influenced by the wrong news. With the gadgets that they have, all information can be searched, but what to watch out for is that children cannot filter which information is true and which is not true.

How Parents' Efforts Overcome That?

Surely parents are worried not if their children are affected by gadgets that have a negative impact on the child's development. Therefore, the efforts that must be made are as follows:
  • Limit the time to use gadgets This is a way to minimize the use of excessive gadgets for children. Over time the child will be aroused by not being dependent on gadgets.
  • Choose according to age Parents must limit the child's age to play gadgets. Children under the age of 5 years should be given only gadget learning such as the introduction of colors, alphabets, and names of animals to help with children's vocabulary learning.
  • Adapting to the times Parents do not have to limit excessive giving of gadgets, especially until they are not allowed to use gadgets at all. Because if it's not allowed, the child will lose to their peers. Therefore, do not limit excess so that children can keep up with the times.

Well, that's the influence of gadgets on children's social development. Hopefully, it can be useful, friend. See you in the next article. thanks.

Author: Astri Widya

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