Tips for Style Learning for Special Needs Children

Hi, my scientific friend, how are you? Must be healthy right. I hope you are always healthy so you can enjoy the beauty of the world, you must often hear that humans are the most perfect creatures of God, right. 

Yaps are absolutely right, indeed humans are the most perfect creatures of God among other creatures created by God. But not all humans are born perfectly there are also among humans born with deficiencies in the physical and mental that are usually called Children with Special Needs. 

Although they have shortcomings, they still have the right to obtain social services, education services, and various other types of services.

And this time I will write about an article that discusses Learning Tips for Children with Special Needs. Surely you want to know what is the right way to learn for children with special needs, let's read more about this article.

Tips for Style Learning for Special Needs Children

What are Special Needs Children?

As I have written above, children with special needs or crews are many children from all children on earth who have a deficiency or even deeper in themselves. Children with special needs are children who have special characteristics that are different from children in general.

Special needs are a characteristic of a child that is related to physical, mental, and social conditions. If these special needs are not met, the potential of the child is not optimal. 

This will cause them to experience obstacles to achieve maximum development so that the child needs special education services to achieve maximum development. 

Therefore, a teacher must understand these differences so that the teacher is able to provide specific learning programs for children with special needs that are tailored to the specificity of the child.

Classification of Special Needs Children

Children with special needs are not equated. It turns out that children with special needs are classified according to what they need.

  • Mentally retarded or mental retardation Impotence is a child who has the intelligence or a significant thought process that is below average and also accompanied by an inability to adapt to behavior, which appears in the developmental period. IQ of children with mental retardation is 70.
  • Hyperactivity Children who experience hyperactivity will experience problems in focusing attention, adjusting the level of activity, and inhibiting behavior.
  • Tunalaras Tunalaras are children who experience disorders or obstacles in controlling emotions and emotional control. Children who suffer from tunalaras usually show deviant behavior that is not in accordance with the regulations in the surrounding environment.
  • Blind Blind is a child who has a problem with vision problems. Children who experience blindness will have a weak vision of children at their age or even not be able to see at all.
  • Deaf Deafness is when a child has a hearing problem. Their hearing is below the average in general.
  • Autism Autism is a type of disorder that occurs because there is an abnormality problem in their brain.
  • Speech and language disorders One example of speech and language disorders is a failure which is having a way of speaking that is dominated by non-fluency.

Tips for Style Learning for Special Needs Children

  • Mentally retarded or mental retardation Usually, if mentally retarded children have to learn slowly and use language that is easily understood by the child.
  • Hyperactivity Because hyperactivity is a disorder in concentration. So, it's best for hyperactive children to be kept away from all major and minor disorders. Disorders that can divert attention or turn the concentration of the child away.
  • Tunalaras Give examples of daily activities that have positive values, so that children are easy to imitate. If the child can reduce, then give him praise so that he feels valued for his efforts and he will often do so.
  • Blind It is best to use activities with other senses such as their sense of touch. When blind children cannot see anything, they will prioritize their sense of touch or sense of hearing.
  • Deaf Because their hearing senses do not function, they focus more on the sense of sight. So, the interlocutor can talk face to face so they can see lip movements or the other person can use sign language.
  • Autism Children with autism will usually behave as they please. Therefore, it is better for autistic children to choose how to learn which they think is comfortable for learning.
  • Speech and language disorders Speech and language disorders usually occur because they lack practice speaking. Therefore, it is better to avoid pointing objects and can be replaced by mentioning the name of the object.
Special Needs Children themselves are the successors of this nation who are disadvantaged / have Disabilities, Children with Special Needs were formerly called Extraordinary Children, defined as children who need special education and services to develop their human potential. 

Children extraordinary called as children with special needs, because in order to meet their needs, this child needs assistance in education services, social services, guidance and counseling services, and also various other types of special services.

Author: Hisnu

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