How Physical Growth and Development of Middle School Children?

Hello, scientific friend. This time we will learn about physical development in adolescents or at the age of middle school. Now, these middle school / MTs children have experienced physical changes, both in general or externally and internally. 

How Physical Growth and Development of Middle School Children?

What distinguishes external and internal changes? Let us study.

Physical growth definition

Physical growth is a process of physiological change that takes place within a certain period. This physical growth cannot be restored. 

This growth can also be referred to as the process of adulthood. Physical growth in adolescence is certainly different for each child, both male and female. 

However, if you experience a delay in maturation, physical growth can affect your child's psychological condition, for example, lack of confidence. 

The presence of physiological changes is characterized by changes in weight, height and body shape. And also marked by the appearance of primary and secondary sex traits.

Physical growth during the school years

The physical growth of middle school children is generally characterized by male burdensome voice changes which then grow Adam's apple, ejaculation, growing hair on the armpits, growth of mustache and beard hair varies depending on family patterns, etc. 

Whereas in women it is marked by the voice becoming rather loud, growing feathers on the type and experiencing menstruation or menstruation. 

And there is the most significant physical change which is divided into two, namely:

1. External changes

  • Changes in body size
    Growth in middle school age becomes faster 2 years before sexual maturation. Changes in boys are faster than in girls.

  • Characteristics of sex characteristics
    When this junior high school age begins to function. Boys will experience wet dreams, while women experience menstruation or menstruation. However, in this girl experiencing menstruation or menstruation the breeding device is still not able to develop perfectly so it still cannot contain a child for several months or more years.

2. Internal changes

Internal changes in adolescents do not appear outside. Internal changes in adolescents greatly affect personality. For example:
  • Changes in the digestive systemIn the digestive system, organs change to become longer. From the intestine, liver, esophageal, muscles of the abdominal muscles that change to become longer, heavier and stronger.
  • Changes in the circulatory systemIn the system changes in heart blood circulation experience rapid growth. The wall of the blood vessel changes more and more thickly so that it increases and reaches maturity when the heart is ripe too.

  • Changes in the respiratory system
    In the respiratory system, women's lung capacity changes more quickly than men.
  • Changes in the endocrine systemThe endocrine system experiences an imbalance at the beginning of puberty. In the sex glands, it will develop rapidly and begin to function, even though it has not reached a size that is matured at the end of adolescence or in early adulthood.

Well, that's an explanation of physical growth in middle school children. How do you know what changes occur in boys and girls in general, external and internal? 

Thank you, scientific friend have read this article. And then we will study again with interesting article articles. Maybe useful

Author: Imraotus Sholikah

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