What is Child Psychological Development?

Psychological children are very closely related to emotions, mental, mental and will lead to children's behavior. The role of parents in a child's psychological condition is very important. 

What is Child Psychological Development?

Child psychological development

The child is likened to an empty memory, he will receive everything from what his senses capture. Therefore, parents must guide and educate children with a good education. Often, parents are wrong in terms of educating. 

Parents want their children not obedient and obedient but when their children are guilty, but parents spontaneously educate hard and with loud words.

Actually, educating hard is wrong. Because the child will argue and instead will act according to what he wants without control. 

Violence will make your child mentally upset. Parental violence against children is caused by the impatience of parents in dealing with children. 

Child psychological development stages, namely:

1. The first stage from birth - 1 year

At this stage, the child begins to trust his environment. With the attitude of parents who support and with the love of parents. Children will think of trusting their environment. However, if parents forbid children to act, the child will experience anxiety and disbelief in the environment. To encourage all children's will if it's good for children.

2. The second stage since the age of 2-3 years

in the second stage when the age of 2-3 years the child will begin to be independent to do everything he wants. with the encouragement of parents who provide opportunities for children will raise awareness and confidence. However, when parents are impatient and too prohibited. Then the child will arise a feeling of insecurity and doubt about his own abilities.

3. The third stage from the age of 4-5 years

At the age of 4-5 years, the child will have initiates to take action. But not all actions are approved by parents. If the attitude of parents encourages children and gives them the freedom to act. Children will tend to take more initiative in solving their problems. Conversely, if the child is often banned, the child will feel guilty to take the initiative.

4. The fourth stage since the age of 6-11 years

At this stage the child will realize to socialize with other people. If parents still consider a child who is still small. So, children will experience a sense of inferiority or cannot overcome the problems faced.

The relationship between children and parents is very important. Expressing love and affection towards children will help shape the child's open attitude. Children will feel more confident in their parents. 

If children act the truth then push them and give a gift as a form of support. That way the child will be motivated and confident. But if the child makes a mistake, give him advice about his mistakes and do not give harsh punishment. Because it will cause feelings that children do not want to do what they want. This action will make children not confident.

Parents are also a major factor in shaping children's personality traits. the child's personality also reflects the child's mental, soul and attitude. By giving a good example from parents, the child will emulate the actions taken by his parents. 

But the bad personality of a child is also influenced by the wrong behaviour of parents. Like, fight in front of the child and scold the child when guilty. Children will feel depressed when they are angry and will be a person who defies the orders of parents. 

The right action when children make mistakes is parents give advice and give punishment in the form of encouragement that is able to provide motivation.

But there are also parents who care for their children indifferently. The point of being indifferent is that the child is never given attention that makes the child feel noticed and given affection. 

Parents' actions are wrong because children really need special attention from parents. The parents' actions cause the child to be quiet and closed. Children will feel embarrassed in expressing their opinions. This is because children have never been given motivational advice or support since childhood.

All actions and behaviors of children reflect how parents in educating children. Parents must know that all their actions affect the child's psychological condition. Children will be easily angry, uncontrollable emotions and become a naughty child is caused by a father and mother who often give punishment by shouting or violence. The child's brain will be easily depressed.

Parents often compare their children with other people's children. This is the wrong action because it can reduce the level of confidence in children. Because the main capital of psychological development is self-confidence. 

In addition, parents also often say stupid to children. That will make the child not develop because the child will think that he is stupid and not as smart as other people.

The conclusion is to educate your child with love and use positive and subtle words when talking to children. So that children's psychological development is also positive. 

Hopefully, this article can provide knowledge to parents about how important the role of parents is in the development of anal psychological conditions.

Author: Silvia

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